"Pillars of Creation" - Vinyl Mash Up

$200.00 USD / Sold Out

This piece is made using an old 12 inch vinyl record picked up from the illustrious Cactus Records in Houston, TX. I used Golden and Liquitex acrylic mediums which include absorbent medium, crackle paste, string gel, fiber paste and black lava gel. The mediums were painted over using watercolor and acrylic inks.

Comes in a standard vinyl frame with glass. Upon arrival, please do not remove from the frame. While this has been sealed with Krylon UV Archival Varnish, it's still a fragile piece and should stay in its happy frame home.

In terms of shipping, this will be heavily padded, wrapped and protected like crazy! I want to make sure this fragile piece makes it to you in all its glory!