"Peace Signs" Tool Wrap

$20.00 USD / On Sale

This tool wrap features a multicolor peace sign print on a black background on the outside, solid black on the inside, and a long yellow ribbon on the left hand side.

The wrap is made of two pieces of cotton frabric with a sturdy piece of fusible interfacing sandwiched inbetween. The interfacing allows some sturdiness to the cotton to add durability.

The wrap has 7 pockets inside and an extra long ribbbon to secure the wrap when it is all rolled up.

When laying open, the tool wrap measures approximately 12.5" tall and 19.5" wide. Each pocket varies in width to allow a variety of tools to be stored. The upper section of the fabric can be folded over the tops of your tools, then the tool wrap can be rolled up and secured with the ribbon.

These are fully machine washable and a set of care instructions are included.