Welcome! I’m Kiersten Rucker and making Art has been quite the journey for me. I always enjoyed making things and exploring different Art supplies since childhood. It wasn’t until my mom passed in 1998 that I dove into it more. As a 14-year-old all of the emotions of growing up, losing my mom and being a mom to my four younger sisters was hard to handle. Art swooped in and kept me going.

Later in life I spent time teaching Art in an after-school program and eventually moved on to teaching Art in public school. I taught for a few years but realized how much I loved making Art and teaching it to others outside of the school setting. I eventually left the classroom to start Dazed Art Studio, an Art studio for adults [currently under reorganization due to Covid-19] and creating my own Art.

It took a global pandemic for me to realize saying “one day” wasn’t going to chug things along in terms of selling my Art…so here we are! My work definitely falls under the category of Abstract Expressionism – I love the process, emotion and reaction of materials together. Usually there is a lot of emotion behind each painting; each work describes a mood or feeling. I love that this type of Art can mean different things for different people and I leave it to the viewer to decide what they see or feel when they look at my work.

Please enjoy and I hope you’ll see a piece you connect with.